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Help Prevent Premature Fading

The sun fades just about everything you own. But Solar Pro’s professionally installed window film blocks out 99% of the damaging UV rays that ordinary windows can’t. That means your draperies, furniture, upholstery and carpeting can maintain that vibrant look you want by calling us for a free estimate today.


Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Winter heat loss and summer heat gain through windows cause unnecessarily high energy bills. Insulating window film applied to the inside face of  single-glazed windows can decreases heat loss by up to 30%. In summer LLumar films is proven to reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the sun's heat.


A Solution

Window film is a multi-dimensional solution.  Not only does it practically prevent fading and reduce energy costs.  We install a variety of films designed for Security, both physical and electronic signal defense.  If security isn’t your need, then appearance may be.  The right window film enhances the architectural appeal to your home...inside and out! 



Bring the outdoors inside with the unmistakable clarity that only the highest quality window tint can provide.  East Tennessee’s homes and commercial buildings are built with more glass than ever before. As beautiful as the scenery is these windows lead to a host of problems ranging from high glare, heat buildup and exorbitant energy costs. Allowing that sunlight to penetrate your interior and furnishings leads to destructive fading and deterioration.

Solar Pros can alleviate these problems while supplying Safety, Protection, and Comfort.



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